Friday, January 30, 2009

Easter dress!

So yeah, it's technically still January but I saw this super freaking cute dress at Marshall's and had to get it for Rosslyn. It was only $15 too so that's awesome. I wish I had an endless supply of cash so I could get Rosslyn so many cute outfits. We were going to file our taxes today with H&R Block but I called to check and see how much it was, it was going to be $150! Um, no. If we were getting a lot more back, that would be fine but we're not getting a whole lot so we need to save every bit of it that we can. I've decided to probably just wait on my tattoo and get a new phone. Because the buttons on it are about ready to break. Everyone who has the same phone as I do, their buttons have broken on it so it's only a matter of time before mine does. So I'm getting an iPhone. Yes, I already have a iPod touch but I reeeeeeaaaaallllly want an iPhone. And my iPod is the first gen so it's not state of the art like it used to be.

Man that made me sound greedy or needy or spoiled...I'm not sure lol.

Speaking of Easter, I can't wait to go home for it!! I can't wait to go to Easter services at Whitley. I haven't been to church for Easter in a while and I'm excited. And I can't wait to take Rosslyn Easter egg hunting, that'll be fun. I know it's like a few months away but I can still get excited.

Also shopping today I got a picture frame. I was going to get a bunch more but couldn't find any I really liked. I try to be very frugal so it killed me when I paid $7 for a frame that holds 3 pictures. I want to get more things to decorate the house but I suck at deciding what is ccute and what isn't. So that's my dilemma.

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Lycia Boucher said...

Aww she looks adorable in her easter dress. I'm SOOO jealous you're getting the Iphone, i want it sooo bad, but i'm still with verizon..maybe next year.

Shea said...

I'm hoping I can get the iPhone. I'm due for an upgrade and the 8gb is only 199 so that's not too bad. We won't have to get enything extra I don't think. So here's hoping!