Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Old Green Rocking Chair

Last week, when Jordan was on vacation, we wandered around the downtown Stearns area. We had lunch at the Stearns Restaurant, went to the gift shop/fudge shop Sweet Kreations and bought some goodies for the girls, then we made our way over tho the General Store. It had been almost two years since I had been in it and it turns out it had been turned into a vendor's mall. We looked around at the booths and past the outdated books, random vintage car parts was a furniture room packed to the gills with antique tables, couches chairs and other odds and ends. Including an arcade video game and a claw machine. There, nestled behind that couch that we all had growing up, you know, the brown one with the farm scene or whatever, was the most amazing worn rocking chair. We just had to get it, among other things. But this chair stood out. The way the paint was worn and you could see two different colors if paint as well as the natural wood peeking through.
I wonder about all the people who have sat in it.
All the stories that have been told.
The conversations, both good and bad, happy and sad, uplifting and disappointing that it has heard.
And I'm excited because it's getting ready to have a bunch more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello blogland!

Yes, I have made my triumphant return to the blogosphere. What has happened in the 3 months since I last blogged? Well honestly, not a whole lot. I (barely) passed my College Algebra class but I did!! I tried so hard in it too. And I am so glad it's over. I start summer classes online in just a few weeks. Then in the fall, I'm taking 5 classes, 3 of which are online in hopes of graduating in December and starting to substitute teach in January 2013. So, if anyone knows of any good substitute teaching blogs or have any experience, your input is greatly appreciated. Jordan and I are good, we have fought some, mainly about me not keeping the house clean. He says since I don't go out and work, it's my job to keep the house clean. I get that, but I'm one of those people who just gets overwhelmed with something that all I want to do is lay down and not do anything. And yes, that's happened quite a bit. But, I am improving. For instance, I turned our empty spare room into a toy room for the girls a few days ago and they love it. Yesterday, I literally had to drag Rosslyn out of it to get her to take a nap just because I was so exhausted. Speaking of the girls, they're great too. Rosslyn is loving preschool and can even write her name now. Every Friday in May, parents are able to eat lunch with the students and we have went the past two weeks and I love it, and so does Rosslyn. She led the prayer on the first week and it made me so proud. Aurelia is becoming a lot more vocal and I'm starting to understand her words a lot better. She says "I wanna walk" all the time when I'm carrying her, she says "I poopy" when she's pooped, and is calling Rosslyn "Rawry." It is adorable. As for me, besides school, I am trying so hard to get in shape for Tough Mudder in October. I have 5 months and P90X and would love a buddy to do it with. I need motivation so bad. Some of my online friends are doing Insanity and I don't want P90X to go to waste. I guess that is about it. I've updated you on all the pertinent facts and I'll try slowly easing back into blogging. And start doing the Month TWO photos too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Need new hair. STAT!

**Ok. Hi. I haven't been on here in about a month and I am so terribly sorry. I have the girls' February TWO picture but I don't have it edited because my computer was completely wiped due to the fact that it was just overcome with viruses.**

Every winter, for some reason, I see my hair and I just hate it. Absolutely hate it. I want a new cut, color, and style. The whole nine yards. And I feel like this now. And, thanks to the awesomeness that is Pinterest, find me on there here I have gathered many cut and color options.

I love this length. I love the subtle layers in it and everything. I want to keep my hair as long as it is right now, it just needs to be shaped and more layers added.

And now, for the color:

If you can't tell, I'm in love with red. I think I like the second color best. I'm afraid I'll have to have my hair bleached in order to get the red to stick because my hair is so dark. I don't know if I can make that sort of commitment just yet. Because it will be a lot of upkeep. I don't know if I could afford it either.

Hopefully I'll be able to do this just as soon as my schedule and wallet can afford it. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January TWO

We made it to a new year! Here it is, 2012 and I'm continuing my monthly post of the girls. Two on two, get it? I know I'm a couple days late but that's because on the 2nd, there was so much excitement of Rosslyn's first day of preschool that I forgot to take them. But here they are now:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Life Improvements

Not resolutions...no one keeps them.

I've been thinking about some things I want to improve on in my life in 2012 and I figured I'd write them down so I'll be held accountable for them later on. To me, most of them seem attainable. I just need the motivation and drive to do them. Here goes:

-Become more organized, no laundry left in baskets, all clothes hung up or folded.

-Eliminate clutter. We just bought a house and I don't want to mess it up. Seriously, I'm such a pack rat that I have mail from our house in North Carolina.

-Dedicate more time to my studies and pass my college algebra class!! This is going to be the 4th time I'll be taking it because every other time, I've either failed or dropped it.

-Graduate with my associate's degree and start substitute teaching. I can't wait to do this. I've heard horror stories about the high school though, But it will give me the experience I need when I become a teacher.

-Train for and complete in the Tough Mudder Kentucky in October. This will be super difficult but I have to start somewhere.

-Eat better, less processed junk. Just simple homemade stuff, no vegan or organic, necessarily but things that I make so I know what's in them.

-Try to cut out pop.

-Get a new hairstyle and color.

-Incorporate dresses and cute things into my wardrobe...maybe more accessories.

-Wean Aurelia from breastfeeding.

-Host at least one adult party at our new house. With cocktails, appetizers, and delicious food.

-Shoot my rifle more. Jordan bought me a rifle a while back and I haven't had much experience with it. I really want to improve my rifle skills.

What do you think? Are they pretty attainable?
(also a post is coming soon with house pictures. I need to take some with our stuff in it)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

House update! The final one before we move in!

So, after signing, scanning, and e-mailing many, many forms, We have a projected closing date of the 20th! I am so excited but it's now crunch time and I have packing, cleaning and organizing to do. I wish we had the keys now so I could go ahead and start moving stuff but I know we won't until closing date. I also need to call and have our utilities transferred to the new house and all that fun stuff. It will be cutting it pretty close to Christmas, though. And the Sunday before, Jordan starts a new schedule at work where he'll be forking from 4pm to 12 midnight. Our land lords also plan on moving into the duplex when we move out so I need to get on the ball.

I wish I had pictures to share, but the only ones I have are on the appraisal and I don't know how to get them. But. I'll post some once we move in. This is so exciting and scary all at the same time.

In other news, we have all of the girls' Christmas presents. They came this week and I think they'll have a pretty good Christmas. We got Rosslyn a Beauty and the Beast tea set that has a cart with it, a princess figurine doll set, some Disney princess shirts, a pair of Pocahontas moccasins, and we're getting her a game for the Kinect. I'm not sure which one though. We can't decide between Disnelyand Adventures and Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster.

As for Aurelia, we got her a stuffed owl from Winnie the Pooh, A stuffed Pocahontas doll, a Toy Story 3 figurine set, a talking cooking pot with vegetables, and a talking picnic basket.

Jordan told me not to get him anything for Christmas but there's a really nice cardigan from the Gap that I want to get him. He says I can get something but I don't know what I want. Or if I want anything. Maybe we'll buy stuff for each other after Christmas.

That's pretty much all of the updates I have. I am off school for winter break and don't have to go back until January and hopefully, with my projected academic plan, I'll be able to graduate with my associate's degree in December 2012! Then I can start subbing and have a bit of extra money coming in. So hopefully, the next post you see from me will be in our new house!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

December TWO

Hey look!!! It's on time this month!!!

Yes, it's another installment of the girls' monthly photos. I can't believe I've been doing it since August. I can't wait until I've done it for a year and I can go look back at how much they've grown. Anyway, here they are and do you notice the new Christmas-y layout? It's courtesy of Simply Fabulous.

We'll see you in 2012!!!