Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello blogland!

Yes, I have made my triumphant return to the blogosphere. What has happened in the 3 months since I last blogged? Well honestly, not a whole lot. I (barely) passed my College Algebra class but I did!! I tried so hard in it too. And I am so glad it's over. I start summer classes online in just a few weeks. Then in the fall, I'm taking 5 classes, 3 of which are online in hopes of graduating in December and starting to substitute teach in January 2013. So, if anyone knows of any good substitute teaching blogs or have any experience, your input is greatly appreciated. Jordan and I are good, we have fought some, mainly about me not keeping the house clean. He says since I don't go out and work, it's my job to keep the house clean. I get that, but I'm one of those people who just gets overwhelmed with something that all I want to do is lay down and not do anything. And yes, that's happened quite a bit. But, I am improving. For instance, I turned our empty spare room into a toy room for the girls a few days ago and they love it. Yesterday, I literally had to drag Rosslyn out of it to get her to take a nap just because I was so exhausted. Speaking of the girls, they're great too. Rosslyn is loving preschool and can even write her name now. Every Friday in May, parents are able to eat lunch with the students and we have went the past two weeks and I love it, and so does Rosslyn. She led the prayer on the first week and it made me so proud. Aurelia is becoming a lot more vocal and I'm starting to understand her words a lot better. She says "I wanna walk" all the time when I'm carrying her, she says "I poopy" when she's pooped, and is calling Rosslyn "Rawry." It is adorable. As for me, besides school, I am trying so hard to get in shape for Tough Mudder in October. I have 5 months and P90X and would love a buddy to do it with. I need motivation so bad. Some of my online friends are doing Insanity and I don't want P90X to go to waste. I guess that is about it. I've updated you on all the pertinent facts and I'll try slowly easing back into blogging. And start doing the Month TWO photos too.

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