Monday, February 2, 2009

A clean house is a happy house

I did a ton of running around today. I went to wal-mart and got a bunch of cleaning supplies and a woolite rug stick. And I took out part of the rent. After I got Rosslyn to sleep, I went to town!!! I did all the dishes, scrubbed the counters, cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the toilet, the kitchen floor everything. Hung up all our coats and folded all the blankets. I haven't vacuumed yet because it scares the bejeezus out of Rosslyn. So that will wait until Jordan gets home.

Now, I just need to print out pictures and hang them up to fill the empty voids on the walls! I only have two picture frames so I guess it'll have to wait. but on a plus side with the picture frames, they have some really nice ones at walgreen's for like $5 and..... they have the SHAMWOW!!!! OMG I was so excited when I saw that, I about squealed right there! I know it's super lame but that has to be one of the greatest inventions to date.

So, Jordan and TJ have found a new thing to do every friday night, Friday night Magic! Woo-hoo. Not. I'm glad they've found guys to play Magic with but I just hate that Jordan will be gone all friday night. But at least he's getting out and having fun. It's downtown and it's super pretty down there. I would love to take pictures or have them taken down there.

In other news, Rosslyn started squalling again for no reason. I know what the reason is but if I said it, everyone would think I was nuts. But I said a couple prayers over her and she finally calmed down. She's completely fine now and playing in her walker...but she's a little fussy cause I'm not paying attention to her.

There was a super bad ice storm back home last week. Jordan's mom said that the National Guard stopped to see if they needed any help. But they're ok. They did have to stay at a hotel for one night I think because the heat and water were out. And there are still over a quarter million Kentuckians without power. Some might not even get it until next week. Gov. Beshear said this was the worst natural disaster in the Commonwealth's history. Let's hope it clears up pretty soon!

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