Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing is sure in life, but death...

...and taxes."-Benjamin Franklin. Today, we dealt with the latter. We went to the tax center on base where we were Jordan's friend Will's fourth actual customer, he's from 3/6 and is Fapped out too. He was super nervous I could tell but he did ok. He entered in all our information and it said we were getting back roughly $1600. Which Jordan and I were way happy with. But hten his supervisor came in and reviewed it and there was one little box that he didn't click (the EIC one because he didn't know what it was) and our refund jumped up to $4400!! Needless to say Jordan and I both about crapped our pants! Now, I know to some this may not seem like a lot but to us, it is! So yeah, in two weeks, I'm getting an iPhone. *does happy dance* Also, Jordan's thinking about buying Talia and Tony's Camaro. It's an 1979 z28. Not exactly what he wanted but he'll still be happy since it's a camaro. And he's gonna try to sell his truck back to a dealer around here. Not unless you know anyone who wants a 2004 F-150 with tinted windows and a sony stereo with iPod cord. (shameless promotion). Talia said they were going to fix it up and give it a paint job and try to sell it at the Rod Runs in Pigeon Forge.

I am so excited to get the taxes! lol. We still have to wait 2 weeks and I'm sure it'll be hte longest 2 weeks of my life. I don't know what else we're going to do with the tax money, I'd like to get our bills paid down. Like pay 3 or 4 months of my car payment, pay off our personal loan and pay on the Star card. All of which wouldn't take that much. And would alleviate a crap ton of stress from our shoulders!

Well, I guess that's all really there is to report from over here. I think I'm going to get my hair cut thursday since Stephanie offered so generously (thanks in advance :))

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Ashleigh said...

Sweet deal on the unexpected tax money! Getting your new phone will be fun, you definatly deserve a new fun toy and its always grand to pay some bills without it coming out of the monthly paychecks. Cant wait to see how your hair turns out- I know Stephanie will to a fantabulous job!

Britt Watros said...

So how is the Tax center on base? Does it cost anything? I am so nervous to do our taxes Idk what I need and all that stuff... blahhhh lol