Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bathing suuuuuuuuit!!!

So today I got my bathing suit from Victoria's Secret. I was so happy. I love it. I love the top and the fold over bottoms are a little weird fitting at the top but they're good. I guess I like the string bottoms better. But they're both cute and I'm very happy. I'm even wearing the top under my tank top right now. LOL it makes me feel cute. So I took a couple pictures too. I can't wait to get a tan and then look really nice in it!!! Here they are...I can't believe I'm brave enough to put my post-baby body pictures up.

4 love notes:

Lycia Boucher said...

LLOOOVEEE ITT! I have that same bathing suit, and i just tried it on again before i packed it for FL! We're going to look HOT this summer =]

Britt Watros said...

yaya ... i cant pull off those bathing suits my boobs dont fit in them right haha.

i like it tho!!!! I love the colors.

i cant wait for the beaches!!!

Billy's Mommy said...

That is really cute! You look great! You post-baby body looks a lot better then mine ever has. LOL!

Anonymous said...

the top is too cute. i tried one on like that, but i have no boobs and it made me look like a boy :( you look fantastic.