Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's just not working out....

Kidding! It's a play on words, because I worked out just now. I did 10 minutes of dance, 10 minutes of pilates and 20 minutes of yoga. I loved doing it, but I just needed the motivation. It's hard for me to do it because Jordan's home at night and is usually on the Xbox. But tonight and tomorrow he's working 2-9. I know I can do it during the day too but I'm pretty lazy. I just felt like it tonight. So I was like "get off your fat butt and do it!" so I did! And now I feel amazing! My muscles are a little shaky but I know in time that will go away. The only bad thing is I'm gonna leave awesome Time Warner Cable in October when we move back home.

It was also fun having little miss run through my legs like an obstacle course while I was in the middle of downward dog lol. It was quite an adventure exercising with her at my heels. I think she liked the dancing because she was dancing too.

Not much else has been happening. We went to the store today and bought a lot of food!! But most of it was stuff I can prepare so that's a plus. Pop is still my vice, but I've been getting better at drinking water. which I forgot to get while at the store lol.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Just our usual Futurama marathons and Xbox. That's about it from our end. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and a great day! *hugs!*

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laurenAshley said...

here's to getting off our asses and working out!! i started up again today too! woop!