Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drawing a blank

I want so bad to write a good blog right now but, I'm drawing a blank.

Packing is going ok. I packed up the bookshelf and the rest of the pictures yesterday, that was about it. Because Jordan is so stressed out right now with getting everything leaving that he told me he didn't want to hear anything about packing or the move or anything like that yesterday. So I left him alone. When he came home from work, Rosslyn and I were laying on the couch, he brought the bed into the living room and laid down too. Never even said a word to me. Then when he finally woke up later, he was in a somewhat better mood. I understand that it's very stressful making sure you have everything right for when you get out, especially when the Marine Corps screws you over and keeps telling you to "come back tomorrow" but is it really necessary to take it out on me? Really? I mean really?

Ok, vent over. I have a super dirty kitchen that I have been avoiding like the plague that must be cleaned today.....it just looks gross and I can't stand it anymore. So that's what I'll be doing, and a little packing here and there. I figured I'll clean out underneath the sink today and throw away all of the pop cases that we have no use for. Plus our old broken awesome microwave. That microwave was so cool... it talked. But it crapped out on us so it's getting the old heave-ho.

I don't know what we're going to do with Rosslyn's play room once we get home. It'll be upstairs so I guess I'll just have to stay up there while she's playing or bring some of her toys downstairs. Also, we've decided that she's going to start sleeping in her own bed once we move home. Not her own room just yet, but keep her bed in our room but not have her sleep in our bed. Let's hope it works!

I also found out yesterday that we'll have to pay a $150 deposit and $25 membership fee to have our electricity. Which sucks.....we've had bills before so I don't know why we have to pay a deposit... probably because we've never had it with that power company. I also need to look up internet prices, and directv prices. Since all the good channels aren't on the basic cable back home.

That's about it over here, I'll blog again if I have anything interesting to say lol.

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The Mrs. and Mama said...

Andy was grouchy a lot when he was checking out too...just because they do give them the run-around. It's funny when you are re-enlisting they can get your physical done real quick but if you are getting out it takes for.freakiing.ever. Hang in there lady, you all are free soon!!! =) How excited are you??

Chantel said...

David saw the talking microwave at Target when we were looking for a new one a few years ago. He was all kinds of excited about it. It took me a good half hour to talk him out of it..lol..