Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christmas present idea time already?

Jordan was talking to his mom the other night and I told her I already knew what I wanted for Christmas from her. And that, my friends is a shark steam mop. Cause let's face it, the swiffer ain't cutting it anymore.

I can't wait to use it!! Doesn't it look so cool? And I think there's an attachment with it so you can steam carpets.

And Jordan said that he was thinking of getting me an automatic vacuum for Christmas, like a Roomba. I told him no. Why would I want a robot to do one of the only chores that I don't mind doing? lol. So I'm thinking about telling him I want a bare minerals makeup starter kit or just a $60 gift card to sephora.com

I have no idea what to get him. He only has a couple pars of pants and his mom said she'd get him more of those....and we have no idea what to get Rosslyn...Jordan's mom said she'd get her a little couch but I'm not sure what we're going to get her....maybe a play kitchen or something like that.

Am I weird or has anyone else thought about what they're gonna get for Christmas yet?

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Geez Louise♥ said...

Awesome!! I want one of those steam mops!!! We are getting Nicholas clothes and something else then Davony Clothes and a play kitchen! Oh and Kid furniture from Ikea!

Chantel said...

Oooo..Yeah, the Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen looks AWESOME!! It's not expensive at all. We want to get one for Claire. I think it's only sold at Toys R Us.

I was thinking about Christmas today too, and then through someone on SITS I found this blog http://redswriting.blogspot.com/search/label/TWOC and I am totally taking part in it!

The Mrs. and Mama said...

I love thinking of Christmas presents!!! =)

Kendra said...

It's never to early to think about Christmas! Even Target thinks so, they have the Christmas stuff up with Halloween stuff.

I want a Chi flat iron, maybe that would get my hair straight since it's back into going curly. Caroline is going to get clothes from us, and probably Jase too since my parents go over board with toys! As for Sloan..no idea! I never know until I see it