Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prezzies for Little Miss!!!

Jordan and I sat down last night and went through Amazon and picked out everything we wanted to get Rosslyn for Christmas and put it on our wish list. Here it is!

The Wiggles Wigglin' Musical Microphone

The Wiggles Singing Guitar

Bert & Ernie Giggle Ball

Baby Scoot So Cute Doll

Elefun Game

Busy Ball Popper

Little People Animal Sounds Farm

And we still have a bunch of clothes we're gonna get her. But we're gonna go to the stores to do that. I think she's gonna have a pretty good Christmas after all!

3 love notes:

Anonymous said...

Looked at that Busy Ball Popper for Soph, too! It's cute!

Is it terrible that -I- have the biggest desire to play Elefun myself? Haha.

Vanessa said...

Those are some great gifts! I hope you don't go too crazy with all those noise makers! I've never seen Elefun! Might pick that up for the kids too!

Chantel said...

Be careful with Elefun..He breaks easy. Ethan spit into the trunk of his and it died. I had to throw it out when he was sleeping.