Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feetsies Lovin

Nicole over at My Teacups in Peony is inspired to post pictures of feet each week. And asked that her readers join in on the fun. You can do it too! Just click on the link up there and it'll tell you what ya gotta do.

So here is mine:

Thins is of Jordan's boot and my flip flop. It was taken almost 2 years ago. He was getting ready to leave for Iraq for the second time and I was pregnant with Rosslyn. Thankfully you can't tell too much in my chubby feet lol.

4 love notes:

Tracking Out Staff said...
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nicole addison said...

oops that comment was mine on another login name, but what i meant to say was i love that picture!

mart and lu said...

thats such a great photo i have to agree with nicole. love it!

Anonymous said...

How prego were you that you could even SEE your feet? Hahaha.