Friday, December 31, 2010

Because everyone's doing it.....

My new year's resolutions for 2011 are:
Take better care of myself.

Simple enough right? I wish so. I want to try to work out or use the kinect at least twice a week and when the weather gets nice, take the girls to the track to play and walk around. I also want to wear something besides sweats or pajamas more often. I want to straighten my hair and wear makeup more. I want to find a tooth whitening system and use it and be continuous with it. With being a mom of a 2 (almost 3) year old and a new baby, I've kind of lost myself in the blur of nursing, diapers, sippy's, juice, stories, bath time, dishes, supper, mopping, cleaning and diapers (there's a lot). And I know that if I care more about myself, I'll be willing to care more about my husband (not that I don't love him tremendously but lately we've become complacent and stale) and hopefully our relationship will continue to grow.

I know it sounds dumb but if I feel better about myself, I will take pride in other things I do and I think it will help my self esteem. I know it's kind of a circular way of thinking but it's hard for me to get out what I'm thinking in my head.

I would like to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but if I don't that's ok. I just want to feel better about myself. Starting tomorrow (January 1st, 2011) I will no longer drink pop and I will try to limit my fast food and sweets intake. The latter will be super hard because I love chocolate like nobody's business. It's just something I'll have to power through, or at least try to. I'm not going to beat myself up if I slip once in a while. If I have pop, it will be a sprite, no dark colas though.

I would like to say that I want to go vegetarian or vegan but I love chicken, I couldn't give that up. Steaks, I could. Hamburger? maybe. Pork? probably not. But given where we live and our limited access to vegan and good vegetarian foods and our budget, I'm just going to have to eat more sensible and control my portions. I know I'm in no way overweight but I just want to be happy with myself. On Christmas day, I weighed 137.7lbs. My pre-pregnancy weight was 125. If I can get there, I'll be happy. Any lower and I'd be thrilled. But I want to work out because after having 2 kids, I have a saggy stomach. It's not super bad but it grosses me out. And I will try running, sit-ups, whatever to try to tighten that back up. We'll have to see how tomorrow (and 2011) goes and we'll go from there.

Also I'll be doing the 30 day picture challenge tomorrow so keep a look out for that!!
Happy new year everyone and may God bless you and your family in the new year!!

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Anonymous said...

I think those are all really good goals. "I know it sounds dumb but if I feel better about myself, I will take pride in other things I do and I think it will help my self esteem." And that doesn't sound dumb, it makes total sense.

I can totally relate to your goals, I need to stop drinking soda too and although I'm skinny, I'm not in shape. I should really start working out and walking my dogs for exercise too.

McDancer said...

I totally concur with your goals, although I will never be able to rid myself of diet coke. (side note: sprite actually is just as bad for you as dark sodas, it's got more sugar, just not the artificial coloring) Anyway, good luck with your goals and Happy New Years! Here's to a healthy, happy 2011!