Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

(Taken with the Instagram app on my iPhone)

Let's see....10 facts about me:

1.) I'm left-handed
2.) I love food...just about any kind. I kind of went overboard (to me) when I was pregnant with eating whatever I wanted. I know I'm not overweight my any means but I need to get out of the "eat anything you want" mindset.
3.)My dad died when I was 11 and I've only been to his grave twice. Once on the day of his funeral and again about 4 years ago. The graveyard is just so far back in the woods that you need a 4-wheel drive to get to it so that's why I haven't been more.
4.)I love history. Especially American history, moreover from the Gilded Age to WWII. It's my dream to become an archivist for the state historical society but I need to finish school and it's kind of hard to get in a lot of history classes when you live in such a small town and all the community college cares about here is criminal justice degrees.
5.)I moved myself and my 3 month old daughter to North Carolina all by myself.Jordan was deployed and I had moved home, had Rosslyn and it was about 2 weeks before he gt back and we moved to Jacksonville. I had signed the lease to our apartment, had cable, internet and electricity all set up on my own. And all I took with us in my tiny suzuki aerio was our tv, an air mattress, blankets and our clothes. My in-laws would later come with our kitchen table, futon, bed and all that but I did that by myself!
6.) I love taking pictures. I don't have a camera that's super fancy (Nikon D3000) but it takes amazing photos and if there weren't so many little people around here who think just because they have a DSLR makes them a photographer, and if I had a permanent edition of Photoshop elements, I would start a photography business. Jordan thinks I should...but I don't know. Maybe one endeavor in 2011...
7.) I am super lazy and a procrastinator. But I hate a mess. Here lately, it's been easier for me to get up and clean but conversely, now that I have two kids, I have less time to devote to cleaning.
8.) I hate shoes. Normally I wear flip-flops all summer long and it's the first thing I do when I come in is take my shoes off.
9.) I LOVE tattoos. If I had the funding, I would be covered in them. I'm hoping to get another tattoo when tax time rolls around, I'll be starting on my half sleeve on my right arm.
10.) I get distracted to's hard for me to focus and this isn't good when it comes to having 2 kids. Jordan freaks out if I don't run to the baby immediately if she makes a whimper. He says I have no sense of urgency... but I will cut him some slack because he wasn't around when Rosslyn was a newborn so every little cry and noise that Aurelia makes worries him.

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