Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter pictures and I'm a winner!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all liking the 30 day music challenge. It's been very fun so far.

Anyways, of course, this past weekend was Easter and we had a great time. Know those dresses I originally got for myself and the girls? Yeah, we didn't wear them. I went up to the "mall" (it has like 4 good stores)and JC Penney was having an amazing dress sale! I swooped up three beautiful dresses that I'm sure will make regular rotation in my summer wardrobe. And I bought the girls new outfits as well.

Saturday, Jordan's mom and stepdad came in and Rosslyn stayed the night with them and so on Sunday, Aurelia and I made our way down to his mammaw's for some KFC and egg hunting.
Oh! And yesterday (or the day before) I found out I won the beautiful Shabby Apple Spanish Steps dress from Mann Land 5 giveaways! I think it may be a tad too fancy for me to wear but I'll find an occasion for it.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us on Easter:

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