Friday, September 2, 2011

First day of daycare

Yesterday was the girls' first day of daycare.... it was a doozy. I had to get over there a little early to fill out paperwork. When we got there, the kids were just sitting down for snack time. So Rosslyn set down and did fairly well. As for Aurelia, the minute she was put in a high chair, she started I got her out and finished the paperwork. Meanwhile, Rosslyn had taken two bites of her snack, declared she was finished and went off to play...all the other kids were still sitting at the tables eating. One of the workers decided to hold Aurelia to see if that would help. She was totally fine. And then I left for my class and gave them instructions that if Aurelia kept crying, to call Jordan and he would come get her. So about 40 minutes into my class, Jordan gave me a call saying that the daycare called him because Aurelia had been crying so much that she had thrown up...great. So I finished my class then went over to the daycare to help him with the girls and get them and leave. The workers said Aurelia was fine as long as she could see Rosslyn but as soon as Rosslyn left, she started crying. And Rosslyn didn't even want to go outside. And it's almost impossible to get her to come in from the outside! I think she wanted to stay with Aurelia because she was crying. So yesterday was a definite learning experience. We learned that Rosslyn is a good big sister and Aurelia needs to be held a lot less. Also, we're trying to work in the bottle. I know breastfeeding is best but our schedule is so crazy that I can't leave her for long stretched of time because she'll get hungry and I'm the only one who can feed her. And I'm not a "slave to my baby" but it is frustrating. Jordan and I also decided last night, because of Aurelia not taking a bottle, that we're going to bring her on vacation with us. We're still going to let Jordan's mom keep Rosslyn, though. I really don't know what to do with Aurelia...she's completely different from Rosslyn. I've tried two brands of formula, in 4 different bottles and 2 different sippys. Today we're going to try bottles all day and see how that works. I don't want her to starve, of course but she needs to realize that good stuff doesn't just come from mommy. In addition to Aurelia being super fussy with daycare, she has her top front teeth coming in and was up from 4 to 5am. And woke up bright and early at 8am....I am dead tired today, needless to say. So for right now, I'm phoning it in a bit and letting the Sunny Side Up show do the parenting (did she just say that?!). I will be back later with this month's September TWO post, though.

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