Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Life Improvements

Not resolutions...no one keeps them.

I've been thinking about some things I want to improve on in my life in 2012 and I figured I'd write them down so I'll be held accountable for them later on. To me, most of them seem attainable. I just need the motivation and drive to do them. Here goes:

-Become more organized, no laundry left in baskets, all clothes hung up or folded.

-Eliminate clutter. We just bought a house and I don't want to mess it up. Seriously, I'm such a pack rat that I have mail from our house in North Carolina.

-Dedicate more time to my studies and pass my college algebra class!! This is going to be the 4th time I'll be taking it because every other time, I've either failed or dropped it.

-Graduate with my associate's degree and start substitute teaching. I can't wait to do this. I've heard horror stories about the high school though, But it will give me the experience I need when I become a teacher.

-Train for and complete in the Tough Mudder Kentucky in October. This will be super difficult but I have to start somewhere.

-Eat better, less processed junk. Just simple homemade stuff, no vegan or organic, necessarily but things that I make so I know what's in them.

-Try to cut out pop.

-Get a new hairstyle and color.

-Incorporate dresses and cute things into my wardrobe...maybe more accessories.

-Wean Aurelia from breastfeeding.

-Host at least one adult party at our new house. With cocktails, appetizers, and delicious food.

-Shoot my rifle more. Jordan bought me a rifle a while back and I haven't had much experience with it. I really want to improve my rifle skills.

What do you think? Are they pretty attainable?
(also a post is coming soon with house pictures. I need to take some with our stuff in it)

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AlanaMarie said...

We had our first party EVER for new years. 5 years together and we have never entertained, it went well. We have lots of leftovers though.
I also tagged you in one of my posts!
Can't wait to see the house pictures, I love seeing pictures of other peoples houses.

Molls @ O hushed October morning mild said...

Just to let you know i tagged you in my most recent post :)