Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He's HOME!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life. Besides having Rosslyn, of course. But I wasn't in pain yesterday haha. Jordan finally came home!!! It all startet yesterday morning. we wer told they'd be there at noon but my KVR called me at like 8am and said the flight got pushed back 2 hours. So I went with my in-laws to IHOP to get breakfast and kill time. Although I didn't eat very much because I had a nervous stomach. I was shaking so bad getting ready but I finally composed mysef enough to go. When I got there, I met with the photographer and we waited around until they got there. But of course, with him being in 3/6, everything had to be done ass-backwards. They droped them off at the armory, we didn't even see them get off the bus. And, after they turned in weapons, they came one at a time over to where the families were. After seeing a bunch of guys come. I decided to get closer to see if I could see him. And after standing there for like 5 minutes, I saw his signature walk. I waited for him to get a little closer before I ran over there. I just hugged him and was crying so much. And Billy followed right behind me with Rosslyn. And sure enough, he acted how I predicted. He just picked her up and was like "hey sweetie." And the next thing he said was "let's get my stuff and go to the truck." HAHAHA He was so ready to leave there and go home and play his new Star Wars game. Rosslyn got a little fussy but it was because there was so much excitement and she wanted to stay up for all of it. But today, she's been much better. And here are a few pictures that were on the photographer's myspace.

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