Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, tomorrow Rosslyn and I begin our long trek back to North Carolina. We're leaving really early in the morning. Like 4am early. That way she can sleep through a lot of the rough part and cause I don't like to drive through the heat of the day. I don't know what the weather is like over there but it's kind of hot over here. So hopefully we'll be pretty close as it begins to get hot. I'm really worried that she won't like the drive. But I know I have to slow down and keep focus on her and stop every now and then when she needs to stop. I'm hoping to make it all the way to McCreary county with her asleep. Then I'm hoping she'll do ok to Knoxville or Gatlinburg before I have to stop again. And after that, I'm hoping we can make it over the mountain before I have to stop again. Or at least get to the top and go to the rest area and walk around for a bit. Then, we're going to make our requisite road trip stop at Denny's so I can eat and stretch my legs for a bit. And hopefuly she'll be ok the rest of the way, only stopping when she's hungry. I sincerely hope she doesn't cry a lot this time. Cause last weekend when I came back fromthe county, I had to stop 3 times and feed and change her because she wouldn't stop crying. I think it was just the heat though.

And once we do get to Jacksonville, we're staying at a hotel for the night so we can get some good rest and go get the apartment the next day!!!!

Another thing that happened last night was I got to talk to Jordan on webcam and actually see him!!! It was so awesome! I can't wait till he's home. He said he finishes working in a few days and after that, he's just waiting to come home!!! That's about it. I'll update when I get the chance after I'm in NC.

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