Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gotta get motivated!

Some of my friends on MT started a weight loss/exercize support thread. I'm completely fine with how much I weigh (just wish I was a little taller lol) but I definitely need to tone up anf lose my flabby, fleshy tummy and hips. So I just went on netflix and added 6 workout discs. I added 4 discs of the Carmen Electra aerobic striptease and Yoga booty ballet. I'm so excited to start working out and have a rockin bod for swimsuit season. So starting next week hopefully, I'll start working out!! Wish me luck!

2 love notes:

Tanya said...

ohh let me know how you like the carmen electra ones, i really wanted to try them out.

Shea said...

The first disc isn't hard. It's just a dance routine. The second one is an actual warm-up and workout. So I'm hope disc 3 will be a combination of both. Although I don't know where I'm gonna put Rosslyn when I'm doing it lol.