Friday, January 16, 2009

Another day, another blog.

So Jordan will hopefully get home from work at noon, and won't have to go back until Wednesday morning. I'm excited too. I really want to do something this weekend but I'm not sure what. I suggested we go to Fort Macon if it's's not too far away but I really don't want to stay in this house all weekend. And Jordan said something about going to the USS North Carolina since it's only like an hour away. So maybe we'll do that Saturday or Monday. I would really love to go to the inauguration Tuesday but i know it will be balls ass cold andcrazy freakin packed. So we're saving our DC trip for another time :(

That's pretty much all from over here....not much has happened.

2 love notes:

Jaxie said...

We've been to both the Fort and the USS North Carolina. You guys shold make a day of it! There is also an aquarium down there somewhere.

Marinewife said...

If you go to Fort Macon you have to stop at the Aquarium, it's on the same road that dead ends into Fort Macon. There is another one at Carolina Beach but it's another 1+ hours from the USS NC. We've been to all of that and it's all great.