Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Nights

I've spent the last 3, maybe 4 Friday Nights by myself. I don't mind it much but still, I'd like Jordan to get home earlier than 1am. So now, it's me and Rosslyn and Degrassi and Ghost Adventures. Which is fine by me. I wish I had money or friends to hang out with. Because if my friends weren't hanging out with their husbands and going out, I could hang out with them so I wouldn't be so bored. And I always hate calling my family back home cause Sam's always getting ready to go out and talking to Talia makes me miss home :(

But there's good news to report with all this Magic playing going on. Tomorrow there's a tournament and who ever gets first place wins $1000 and if Jordan won, that would be so awesome! But I won't be totally heartbroken if he doesn't.

We have still yet to file our taxes. I think Jordan wants to this weekend. He really wants to switch banks to USAA because they've been good with us on our insurance. Unlike NavyFed which has screwed us a bunch of times! I found out that from last year's stimulus, I'll be able to get $300 because I had Rosslyn. That coupled on top of the money he's getting back (don't know how much) and our child tax credit (which I believe is $1000) will be AWESOME! I have one request and one request only, and that is to get an iPhone!!!! Is that too much to ask? I think not. The 8gb ones are only $199 and on my iPod now (a 16gb) I'm only using 1gb of music. So it'll be much better for me. And Jessca wants my old one so I think I'll give it to her as a birthday present. And save Jordan's parents from shelling out those big bucks for something that she won't take that good care of. So why not give her a hand me down?

We watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist last night. While it was good, it definitely was no Zack and Miri. There weren't that many funny parts in it. And it seems to me like Michael Cera has been playing the same socially awkward, fast talking good guy in almost every movie he's been in. Juno, Superbad, this one. It's sad that he's already getting pigeonholed as the good goofy best friend guy.

So, that's pretty much it. I still have a bed full of laundry that needs to be put away, a kitchen with dirty dishes and a refrigerator that needs cleaned out. But, that's why God invented weekends right? lol

2 love notes:

Kendra said...

Hey you can always always always hang out with me on Fridays. We both watch degrassi anyways! hehe Speaking of Fridays looks REALLY good! I always want to call you to see if you want to do something but then I can never think of anything haha Maybe we can go to the park or something if it ever gets nice again!

Oh and yeah switch to USAA! We did almost a year ago and I'm so glad because Navy Fed is soooo horrible! I don't see how people like them so much!

Shea said...

Thanks! We're planning on switching once we get our taxes done. How long does it usually take after you file them that you get your return back?

We should definitely hang out. I want to take Rosslyn to the park and put her on the swings, she's never been on one.