Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend's over

And I think I have a case of the Monday's. It was a good weekend. Not 10 minutes after I wrote my blog on friday, did Jordan come back home for the night. And even when they left on saturday, at 7pm, they didn't stay out too late.

Not much has really happened over the weekend. Oh, I got the news that Rosslyn's getting a cousin! My little sister Talia got a positive pregnancy test! So she's going to the doctor soon to confirm it since she thinks she miscarried last time. But don't tell anyone, like don't mention it on my myspace ot whatever because they don't want anyone to know until they're sure.

I think I'm gonna go to the WIC office today to get Rosslyn put on it. Hopefully they'll let me put her on formula. But the only downside is the formula they use. They use enfamil and I give her similac. I don't know what they difference is but my mom gave her good start before and that stopped her up for 5 days. So needless to say, I don't like good start.

Also, I'm looking into getting this job where I can work from home. It's like a call center job. I would be taking orders for like pizza hut and patching them through or something like that. Billy's son does it and he likes it a lot and it's super easy. All you have to do is get a background check and do like a voice audition and you should get it. But I think it takes a month for the background check to come in. Because we definitely need another source of income. I looked into other jobs for stay at home moms and couldn't really find anything I like.

Also, I bought something at wal-mart for Rosslyn to try and it's like crack for her! LOL It's teething biscuits and she is so messy just slobbering on it and gnawing on it. She really doesn't like baby food much (probably my fault) so I wanted to have something for her to start eating real food on. Because she's eager to. And I think it was a mistake letting her lick the suckers as often as we do because she's wanting those instead of real food. But the biscuits are super messy and she gets it all over her face and walker but she likes them so I guess that's all that counts.

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Britt Watros said...

these are those baby crack puffs haha...
i hope you get to get the right formula! I know little changes make a big difference!