Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's back to public for now....

Yesterday and today I thought were going to be good days. Jamie and Jason (Jamie's one of my best friends) came in from Kentucky to spend the weekend with Sybil and Jeff. And we were all (Jamie, Jason, Sybil, Jeff, me and Jordan) going to hang out. Great right? Wrong. Yesterday I went to the mall with Jamie and Jason and Sybil. Jordan was still at work, he got to see the president speak (so cool!). And that was all I hung out with them.

We were supposed to hang out later last night while Jason and Jeff did something and Jordan and TJ (roommate) played Magic. But Jeff thought for some unknown reason made fun of Jordan for playing Magic and he didn't even know what it was. Whatever. But, I called Sybil to see if we were going to hang out and she's like yeah, they guys are doing shots come on over. So we were almost on our way and I got a text saying that Jeff was bing an asshole and it was better that we not come over. Which, Jeff becomes beligerent almost everytime he drinks whatev. So I asked what was wrong, was it because of Jordan and he said not directly (I don't know what that means). So we just let it go and Jordan played Magic and I stayed at home with the baby. They came home and that was that. I could tell Jordan was upset but I was too tired to talk about it last night.

So today I call Sybil and say that I want to try to figure out why Jeff has so much animosity towards Jordan. She said that he said something on the phone last night about Jordan not paying Jeff back for gas on one of their trips to the county. So I told Sybil if it's gas money that he wants back, we'll give it to him, it's no big deal. I want whatever bad feelings Jeff has towards Jordan fixed so all six of us can hang out. And apparently, Jeff holds grudges like they're cool or something. And come to find out, he's holding it against us that we didn't let them stay with us one time when Sybil came down to visit. The only time I can think of is when she wanted to stay for like a week and I was early on in my pregnancy and pukey and super tired and had a nasty ass house and didn't feel like keeping it up for company. I told her that I was sorry about it. I don't know what else to do about it.

Sybil said she was going to talk to Jeff more about it and see if there's anything she can do to fix it, but at this point, I'm beyond caring. My feelings were hurt so bad that I can't even hang out with my own best friend. So whatever....I guess that's the only way I can look at it.

Tonight we hung out with one of our old friends from high school, Jordan actually got him to sign up when he was home on RA and he's pretty cool. His wife is moving down to Jacksonville soon and we've alread made plans to hang out with them. So things are looking up I guess.
....Is it October yet? I'm ready to move back to Kentucky.

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