Sunday, March 1, 2009

T Minus 9 days...

Until we get our taxes back!! I'm so excited. And that means a new iPhooooooonnnnneeeeee!!! Among other things. We're going to switch to USAA too with the tax money. My cousin Jami has it and loves it. And I've only heard good things from people who use it. And we need to get with them before Jordan gets out so we can still bank with them whenever he's out.

Speaking of Jordan, he's been in a funk lately because of my what I talked about in my last blog. I'm hoping he'll cheer up soon. And, he deleted his myspace too and I don't know why. He never uses it but it was always nice to have him as my number 1. So now Sybil is. God, I sound like a freaking high school drama bitch lol. I guess it doesn't matter, I hardly post anything on myspace really. Everything goes here.

We just watched Pineapple Express for like the third time and it's still funny!!! I love Seth Rogen. He's so hilarious.

In Rosslyn news, she pulled herself up yesterday by herself. She was sitting in the floor next to her walker and then I looked over and there she was, standing up!! I also think she's getting another tooth, she's been really fussy today and has been biting her lip a lot.

That's all from the Posey's. We'll see ya later!

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Britt Watros said...

we have usaa for insurance......... HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THEM. with my life. lol