Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's such a lovely day out

I really want to take Rosslyn to the park today. She's never been and I think she'd like the swings a lot. I want Jordan to go too but he and TJ are playing Magic, gearing up for this huge competition on the 21st. It's ok. I know I complain about him playing it but I don't care. I know that he doesn't do much with his friends but this lets him and I'm ok with that.

I really want to start going to the gym but there are some things hindering me from doing so. You could call them excuses I guess. 1.) I don't have running shoes. All I have are chuck taylor's and vans slip-ons. they don't help at all. 2.) I don't have one of those iPod arm band thingies. I really want one of those so I can listen to my iPod while running. 3.) I'm afraid how Rosslyn would get treated at the child care while I'm working out. She's not been around other babies much. And definitely not those older than her and I'm just scared that a baby would hit her or something and I wouldn't be right there to do something about it.

But luckily I have netflix and fitTV so I can work out at home.

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