Monday, February 9, 2009

My Grammy Wrap-up

Did anyone watch the Grammy's last night? Probably not lol. It was on ok awards show. I'mt just gearing up for the Oscars in 2 weeks! YAY!!! In my opinion, there were a few upsets at the Grammys.

Number 1. Metallica winning best Metal. Ugh!! I freaking hate Metallica. Dragonforce or Slipknot definitely should have one!! Have you heard a Dragonforce song? Those guys are insane!!!

Number 2. Adele Winning best new artist. Seriously? I don't like her. I would have much rather the Jonas Brothers win. Only because I get all giddy and 13 year-old again lol. There's something about Joe *swoon*

Number 3. Am I the only person on the planet who is annoyed by Katy Perry? She has a terrible live voice. And what was with all the fruit? It's not that I hate her music. I personally like Hot & Cold better than I Kissed a Girl because her voice isn't so shrill and shrieky. Nothing to do with being bi-curious or anything l*-ike that. Plus, put some pants or a longer skirt on! You're like Lady freakin Gaga! But then again, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Then there was M.I.A. 9 months pregnant, performing on her due date. But she was with Weezy, Jay-Z, and T.I. I think it's so funny to see pregnant women dance. lol. Trust me, when you're 9 months pregnant and on your due date, you will do anything and I mean anything to get that baby out. And if dancing around in a skin-tight polka dotted one piece, then so be it.

Coldplay, although they're very good, shouldn't have won best Rock. There were more people deserving of it. Not Metallica though. They're pretty mcuh phoning everything in by now. Does anyone care about them anymore? But they did a good performance of "Viva la Vida."

And thank God for Robert Plant and Allison Krauss. She's good, but he's the freaking man! He's like 70 and can still move and shake like he did back and the day!! Jonas Brothers did an awesome performance with Stevie Wonder but I would have much rather have heard Lovebug. And yay!!!! Blink-182 are getting back together. But I knew they were. It was posted on Perez Hilton a couple days ago. Still can't wait to hear what they are coming up with.

Welp, that about wraps up my Grammy wrap up lol. Sorry if it was a little ranty.

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Britt Watros said...

I was upset with like..... all of the awards almost lol. Im not even much of a rap fan but Lil Wayne? Yuck. JayZ should have gotten it. And..... Im not a coldplay fan. Im so tired of them always playing at awards shows and always winning. I just dont have an ear for them for some reason. I loved how the USC band played with radiohead...It made me wanna watch Twilight instantly ha. Miley and Taylor were cute Im glad Miley sang something age appropriate!
Oh yeah and as for the Adele? Winning over Jo Bros... AHHHH I was like WHHATTTTTT lol. That was INSANE! Poor Jo BRos!

Ashleigh said...

I didnt watch, im not into award shows really but I must say that I love Robert Plant!