Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your daily hotness

I'm bored...can't think of anything to blog about so I decided to post my 5. You know, the list of 5 guys (celebrity or non) that you would, you know *nudge nudge wink wink* if you ever got the chance. Mine are all celebrities so I don't feel bad about it lol.

Number 1. Josh Bernstein *drools* He's an explorer and has hosted shows on the Discovery and History Channels. I have his book too. There's something about long hair and scruff that makes my heart melt. He's not in his trademark cowboy hat Henry though (yes I know the name of his cowboy hat *snorts*)

Number 2. The gorgeousness that is Christian Bale!!! He's a great actor and all around BAMF. Have you seen him in Equilibrium? Holy crap!!! Those fight scenes were badass! He's played Jesus, Batman, John Connor...I could go on and on about him. But feast on this:

Number 3. Brandon Boyd, duh! Incubus is my favorite band and their front man provides some pretty good eye candy. And, I love the fact that at every concert, he'll start with a shirt on but will always end up with it off. Even when I was in the nose bleed section, I still almost swooned seeing him shirtless.

Number 4. Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass. why do I like him? Because he's Chuck Bass!

Number 5. Jason Schwartzman. I gotta have a guy who can make me laugh

Post yours! I wanna see some hot man candy lol.

3 love notes:

Britt Watros said...

Isnt it weird that sexiness that Chuck Bass puts across? He is such an A HOLE lol. and def not the sexiest man alive but he just is .... Chuck lol

Shea said...

Oh, I know!!! I love how Chuck's made fun of on The Soup all the time. And I heard you mention you went to Cornell, so did Josh Bernstein! LOL I'm obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...Interesting. Ha. I totally love Mr Bale. When I watched American Pyshco I was so turned on by him, maybe it was him running naked with shoes on chasing a poor woman with a chain saw. LOL. Cute though!!!