Sunday, March 29, 2009

I need a new tire....

My tire has a bubble in it. I don't know how that happened but Jordan said it's more than likely to have a blow out and if I was driving, I would not know how to react to it. So hopefully I can get a decent priced used tire around here and Jordan can take it and get it changed pretty soon. Because I hate being cooped up here all the time.

This weekend has went by pretty fast but it was good because I had fun just laying around with Jordan watching him play video games and just watching movies.

Jordan said somethign that struck odd to me. He said that we watch a lot more movies than most people do. Because we quote movies all the time and if he said something to one of his co-workers from a movie, they would just look at him like he was crazy but I would know exactly what he was talking about and make another quote from it. Hahaha that's why I love us so much. Like he said something and it was lit Derelicte or something and then I said you can Dere-lick my balls capitan. Hahaha it's from Zoolander!

We watched a freaky movie last night. It was 2010: The year we made contact. It's the sequel to 2001: a space oddysey. It was pretty good but was very crazy. I don't know what kind of drugs that guy was on when he was writing the book, but it was weird!

Well, that's all from over here. Have a great night and rest of the week!

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