Friday, March 27, 2009

We got DVR

And so far it's been good. I already have a couple shows checked to record! Tonight we're recording Ghost Adventures and I have Gossip Girl set to record so we can watch the season premiere of Greek. Which I'm sure we'll record too lol.

Today Jordan and this guy that he works with came back to the apartment so he could make chicken parmesan for the ID card center's pot luck that they have once a month. Jordan didn't make anything, I told him I would make dream cake if he got the stuff but he didn't. He just brought chips lol. I'm wondering if he'll bring any leftovers home from work.

He wants to go to Surf City this weekend because he heard on the radio that they have scuba diving lessons and he'd really like to do that. He wants to do so much. He wants to do that so he can go diving and look at ship wrecks and stuff.

Rosslyn is spoiled rotten and I don't know what to do to fix it. Today, I had a sucker and before I opened it, I let her play with it and hte next thing I know, it's opened so I took it away from her and she threw a fit! Not just a little cry, but full on tears and almost screaming. I just had to let her cry. I gave her a bottle and that calmed her down some but she's just hating everything. And just a few minutes ago, I was letting her crawl around in the floor and she got over to all the movies and books and stuff, and she knocked over the guitar hero controller and it knocked over a picture I had sitting on the entertainment center and it knocked over the air freshener diffuser I had and so that oil went everywhere!! So I had to clean that up. Now she's in her walker and seems to be ok.... for now.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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