Sunday, March 15, 2009

My poor baby....

So I'm sure you all want to hear about Rosslyn's pooping lol. But today she had her first real poop. Like hard instead of mushy and liquidy. I'm guessing it was liquidy because I was breastfeeding her but today it was like a regular poop. And it made her cry so hard and so bad. I felt awful. Could you imagine pooping a real poop for the first time? It would hurt my little butt too. lol. But she's fine now. She's babbling and stuff all the time now.

Firday we watched the movie "Religulous" the documentary by Bill Maher. It was interesting but didn't make me change my views on religion much. He goes to this creationism museum in Petersburg, KY and it just looks totally retarded. They believe that God created the earth on the seventh day and therefore, the first humans were living with dinosaurs. There are even animatronic dinosaurs right along side humans. Just completely stupid. It's in my Weird Kentucky book so I've seen vit before.

Jordan also got a computer game he had been wanting for a long time and has been playing it all day. And I discovered on- demand on our channels and I love it! There's an exercise channel and I can do the carmen Electra work outs any time without having to netflix them! So I'll probably start tomorrow. Jordan said something yesterday that made me feel good. He said my stretch marks on my stomach have shrunk a lot and one of my love handles is almost completely gone. I don't know why one is bigger than the other. You can see in my bathing suit pictures, it's the left side that's bigger. But they don't bother me much. I'm pretty much used to them since I've had them so long. But I really want to get my butt (literally) into shape because I used to have such a nice booty and it's all but disappeared. That's pretty much all that's been going on here this weekend. It's been rather lazy so we've just been chilling and watching movies and tv.

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