Saturday, March 21, 2009

New blog look....

So I decided to revamp the whole layout and whatnot in honor of spring. The picture as my title is a kick ass one I found on Deviant Art but I added the lyrics. They're from "Monuments and Melodies" by Incubus. Speaking of Deviant Art, check out my page

In other news, we started a USAA bank account today and I can't wait to get all our money transferreed into it and not have to deal with Navy Fed's bullshit anymore. Because it just gives me a ridiculous headache. I hate how it takes like 2-3 days for a transaction to go through and even though it gives you the amount after the pending transactions, you go out and spend money and they boom, you're in the whole. And I thought I was ok with keeping on top of my finances. I know we're not the best money managers in the world but it's just frustrating.

Today's the first day of spring and I don't know what it's like outside....I believe it's a wee bit chilly but I'm not sure.

Sybil came over yesterday and we watched Repo! The Genetic Opera which was pretty good. And Jordan came home a little bit before the movie was over and asked about why Jeff hates us so much. Sybil said he gets mad at her if she even brings it up. So Sybil's all for all 4 of us hanging out but because Jeff holds grudges and won't man up and let things go, we have to suffer. Because the guy who was his best man at the wedding isn't talking to them anymore either. Sybil said she thinks it's because of Sean's wife. Which she seemed ok at the wedding but I don't know what changed and they only live a few buildings away from them. So whatever I guess.

That's pretty much all I got over here....we're going to (hopefully) get the computer fixed. She's been down for the count the past few days, we think it's a virus so it's needs cleaned out and hopefully she'll be as good as new by monday!!

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