Monday, April 27, 2009

Laundry and homesickness

I want:

A washer and dryer. It doesn't have to be super nice and expensive like this GE model, but something. Eve if it's from an appliance salvage store. I am so tired of doing weekly laundry runs,dragging a hamper and laundry basket downstairs to my car, taking Rosslyn, stopping in front of the laundry mat, unloading all my clothes, parking, getting Rosslyn out and draggin in said basket and hamper. Plus, having quarters, and dealing with Rosslyn while we're there getting the laundry done. I cannot till Jordan and I buy a house and get to have our very own washer and dryer, and dishwasher because I'm so over dishes. Having to do them since you're big enough to reach in and get a dish to wash really takes a toll on you. I won't make Rosslyn do the dishes all the time like my mom did me and my sisters. That being said, I won't let her lay around either though. Ah, the simple dreams of a stay at home mom.

Ok, laundry rant is done. Not much else has happened. Just looking forward to tonight with Jordan, cuddling on the couch and watchin Greek. Also, I don't know if I mentioned this but our friends from back home, Donovan and Chelsie are expecting a baby!! Rosslyn's gonna have so many friends to play with when we move home. My cousin Elizabeth's baby Bailey, Talia's baby when she has it, Sam's daughter Kira, Jordan's cousins Jaden and Aiden (not related, they're from different sides). I'm just ready to move home so I can see my sisters everyday and let Rosslyn be with Jordan's mammaw or my mom so I can get a job. And I can't wait to move back and take her to Mine 18, ride on the train, go to McCrearyfest, which we'll enter her in the pageant and Jordan will walk her out (I have bad stage fright). Going to the parade, yahoo falls, cumberland falls, crack in the rock,just slowing down and doing some front porch sitting. I can't wait to get a dog, we've either decided on a beagle or a jack russel. I can't wait to get Stelios back. I miss him so much :( Von told me that he got some mice and was playing with them for a while and then ate them lol. Just a few more months....just a few more months. *clicks heels three times*

2 love notes:

Stacy said...

I totally understand homesickness. Hang in there's almost over!

The Mrs. and Mama said...

I know how you feel. We are counting down the day (sometimes hours--haha) until we move too!!

PS-You totally deserve a washer and dryer AND dishwasher for all those trips to the laundry mat!!