Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Much needed retail therapy

Rosslyn's almost out of diapers so I had to go get some at target. At walmart they don't have the kind that she wears in the big boxes and they're more expensive there. So I was walking aroung in target and saw some really nice shorts that I wanted, for only $14. I had a plaid pair picked out but I don't think I have anything that would go with plaid. So I opted for a khaki pair. Then we ventured over to the baby clothes aisle where I saw the cutest set of onesies that I wanted to get Talia but they were for a girl and she doesn't know what she's having yet, though odds are that it's a girl. This is what it looks like:

So hopefully it'll be there when Tal finds out what she's having.
Anyways, I bought Rosslyn three outfits and a dress. Becaus she doesn't really have any summer clothes. I bought her three pairs of shorts, two tank tops and a onesie. I also bought her a toy because she was being so good. It's a little jug with plastic cookies and when you tip it over, it moos! She likes it a lot.

Then after that, we went to Ross since it's in the same plaza. And I bought a really cute tanktop to go with my shorts. But it's a large and they didn't have it in medium. So it's a litte bit big on me but I'm making it work. I just need to get tan so I can feel more comfortable wearing shorts out in public. I wish I could find a cute shirt that's open in the back at the top. I saw a girl wearing one today and I really liked it. Or a tank top that is like crocheted on the back. That would be really cute.

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Skipping Through Daisies said...

Target is so great for kids clothes! Basically all of Kaylee's stuff comes from there. So happy we are into buying warm weather clothes now. Yippy!

Lori said...

What's not to love about Target? If I could live there I would, haha! Retail therapy is always good times. =)

ErinLynn said...

cute!!! i <3 target