Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Holga

This is an analog (read: not digital, uses actual film)camera that I want to get. I'm sort of wanting to get into photography a little bit more intense. The kodak I have now takes amazing shots but there's somethig you can get with film that you can't get on digital. Here are some Holga pictures:

Click here for more Holga photos

I like how there's light leaks in some photos. How you can cross process it by having it developd with 35mm chemicals (Holga is 120). And there are so many accessories I could get, ring flashes, color filters, different types of film, fisheye lenses...the list goes on. And I think that all of that probably wouldn't even equal up to half the cost of a DSLR camera. I'm just wanting to get this as a little project and see how I like it. It's only $60 at Amazon so it's not bad. But at the actual Lomography website, they have a colored (pink yellow and blue) Holga for $75 which I would like to have too. I don't know. I really want a trip to DC for my Mother's day gift but this would be pretty awesome too. We could go to DC any old weekend, even though it's almost the same distance as going home lol. So we have all summer to go there. What do you all think. Camera or trip? The trip would cost a lot more. Also, at Amazon, there's an 8gb mmory card for $20 that I wanna get too. There's just so many beautful things around here that I wanna photograph before I leave!

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Their Mommy His Wife said...

I love the photos cause they look old & retro-ish.. at least to me... can't wait to see some pics if you do infact get it..

ps.. on mother's day DC is having their annual breast cancer walk so it might be pretty busy up there but only till around noonish.. we are doing the walk so thats how i know about it..

Shea said...

I know, that's what I love about it. Everything just looks so real life and candid. If we do go to DC, I think we'd be leaving saturday and staying at a hotel....maybe it'll be best if we do it another weekend.

Lori said...

I've been wanting a Holga for a few years now, that and a Diana as well. I say go for the camera for sure!