Monday, April 20, 2009

My views on what Miss California said

Last night was the Miss USA pageant. I missed it though. I wanted to watch it but didn't remember to dvr it and I was watching something else. But during the interview portion of the competition, she got a question from judge, gossip blogger and openly gay Perez Hilton. Here's a clip:

While it's good that she stood up for what she believes in, she definitely should have answered it better. Things like gay marriage shouldn't be a blanketed issue. It should be up to the individual state. That's what this country was founded on. The states have almost no power now. Everything is federal or nothing. Same with abortion. And, I don't think it should be marriage per se but a commitment contract or something better worded (I can't articulate it). Because marriage is a sacred union and is something not to be taken lightly. But I think gay people should have something, some sort of piece of paper showing that the couple is committed to one another and that way the spouse can get benefits like health insurance and be able to see their partner if they are in the hospital and not have to hide the fact that they're a couple. However on the other hand, I don't think the church should perform these gay civil unions. Because church is a sacred place and some things shouldn't take place in there. Like for instance, I never wear pants when I go to church, I just don't feel right doing it.

I know a lot of what I've said is contradictory but I guess it's because even though I'm a staunch liberal, my roots run deep in my religion. I just believe in equality for all. Can you believe that just 50 years ago it was looked down upon for an interracial couple to get married? Now, we don't even bat an eye if we see an interracial couple. Hopefully in 50 years, it will be the same way about same sex marriages.

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YOM said...

I enjoy Perez but lets face it, he's a asshat sometimes, did you see his facial experession afterwards, lol.. I thought the question was inapporiate for that type of forum.

I'm glad Miss Cali stood up for what her beleifs are even if they don't sit right with some..i wonder how Perez scored her...

Skipping Through Daisies said...

Perez was definatly sad over that one. I pretty much would be too if I was gay. I think that gay marriage, and just that- marriage, not any other word for it, should be a gift that any person on earth should be able to have. I just cant imagine that if I loved someone so much but wasnt aloud to legally be known as their wife. But this also comes from someone who doesnt understand how God that loves us so much, no matter what we are like, could say that marriage is only between a man and a woman. The earth was made with that in mind, that's what we are here for, to marry a person of the opposite sex and reproduce but I dont agree with that being true today.

No hard feelings of course! I'm all for individual opinois just like I am same sex marriage. Both are are just our right as humans!

Britt Watros said...

man o man you struck a hot topic lol.
I think she sounded dumb when she spoke and she definitely has her upbringing and beliefs carved into her brain.
Im against state by state law making when it comes to same sex marriage in that... i think its totally wrong for people to say.. oh yeah.. those gays cant get married here in Utah or somthing. Its like telling them where they cant live freely. I think gay marriage should be approved federally and whether or not people support it is a different question. Its one thing to tell someone they LEGALLY cant be gay and happy... as opposed to not agreeing with it.
Im totally fine with people feeling its wrong.... but it shouldnt be a law. Its a free country. Gay people are Americans and should have every right that any other American does. Its like.. telling african americans they cant get married. Some people dont "like them" but... they still have all of the same rights as us because it is a free country. And.... so it should be for homosexuals.
Im sorry :( I love you Shea. Its just a heated topic. I worked in a lesbian gay resource center during my internship so its a soft topic for me.
I feel Miss Cali could have been a better roll model and just said... everyone has their own beliefs or something and not making homosexuals look.... like they are lower of a population.
ok i think im done. Love <3

Shea said...

Well said Ash! And I'm not offended at what any of you had to say. I just think it should be decided state by state because the states have almost no power now. Yeah, it's a very heated topic. I've never dealt with anyone having to fight for the right to marry so I guess it doesn't hit as close to home for me. I just think everyone in America should be treated equally! :)

ErinLynn said...

oh how my liberal juices are flowing with this post! i love that you posted on this!! i wasn't thrilled with the woman's response but i kind of feel that Perez set himself up for that one! i do think the woman should have given a better answer. i think you could have expressed those feelings a little bit better esp when answering an openly gay man!