Saturday, April 18, 2009

R.I.P Phone (lol)

My phone had been on its last legs for the past week. It was getting all glitchy and turning funky colors and stuff. Plus, it wasn't charging hardly at all. So I decided to put it out of its misery. Well not really, it's just turned off right now. I'm using Jordan's old LG Shine for the time being until I get my iPhoooooonnnnneeeeee!!!!!!!!! I'm excited, can't you tell? A little less than a month and it'll be mine! I know I could have gotten a new phone a month ago when Jordan did, but I decided to wait it out so I could get the phone of my dreams. Plus, with the new iPod software, it's going to kick some serious booty. IE, landscape texting instead of holding the phone regularly. However, I do think it will be hard for me to text while driving so I think I'll have to stop that. And since our computer is down for the count, I guess I'll have to use my iPod touch to listen to music until ours (computer) is fixed and I can add music to my soon to be iPhone.

Not much else has happened. I learned yesterday that our friends from back home, Donovan and Chelsie are expecting a baby!! They both loved playing with Rosslyn so much everytime we went over to their house and now God has blessed them with a baby of their own!!

Perhaps we'll go to the park tomorrow. I wanted to go today but Jordan said it was a sunday thing so hopefully he'll get off his booty and want to go. In randomness, the History channel is having this Armageddon weekend thing and today they had the seven deadly sins on. And Jordan and I were talking about vices. He said his is gambling. I couldn't really think what mine would be, other than shopping. And did you know, that the seven deadly sins aren't in the Bible? It is just a decree sent out from the Vatican. Don't even get me started on that. When the pope made his trip to Africa and after seeing all the horrible effects AIDS has on the African people, he still said that they shouldn't use birth control. Ugh, I'm getting off on a tangent.

Well, that's all I really have to say. It's getting pretty late and i think I'm gonna eat me a delicious snack fo strawberries and go to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Go to the park, make Jordan go. There is an AWESOME park off 17 that is never busy. It's toward Maysville, so a little har out. But if you want I will meet you there. It's an awesome park. I know how Jordan feels, but tell him to take in every minute he can here. Because every minute here is one he won't get back with you and the baby.