Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a mean prank!

So today, being April Fool's Day, my sister Sam coaxed me into playing a trick on our mom. She wanted me to tell her that I was pregnant. And apparently Sam texted mom to tell her the "big news" and she wanted me to call mom to keep it going. But when I called, I guess she hadn't. So I started the prank and she's like "haha April fool's" I was like "No I'm for real." And my little sister Talia was there (who actually is pregnant) and she was so excited. But then I was like "No I'm joking." Thankfully she wasn't mad. And double thanks that I'm not actually pregnant! And let's hope that doesn't happen for a while. At least until Rosslyn's potty trained.

Anyways, moving on. I was looking around on youtube and I found this cool little video that was shot back home of the WWII reenactment. It was the Liberation of St. Jacques (a town in France) so at the coal mining camp, they had Nazi flags everywhere, jeeps, guys in full-on uniforms. I wish I could have been there to see it. But I was just days away from giving birth so I couldn't travel the 2 1/2 hours home to watch it. But hopefully they'll have it again this year and we'll be home on 4th of July leave and get to see it. You even get to ride the train down there I think. And it's been 15+ years since I've rode the train.

Speaking of home, I'm so ready to go but we won't get to spend a lot of time there since Jordan only has a 72. Which will suck but I'll deal. We're hoping to go by the house that I want us to buy and check it out.

Welp, that's it! I know April is going to be exciting for lots of people with homecomings, birthdays and all of that so hopefully this month goes fast for those who want it to!

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