Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's tuesday!

I'm running out of good titles for my blogs lol. Anyways. Not much is going on in my world. We got our cards from USAA yesterday so tonight I'm transferring all the money from our saving over to it and closing out my navy fed account. And hopefully by the end of the week, Jordan will have his pay and all that sent to USAA. We just had bad luck after bad luck with navy fed. And, our USAA account is a joint account. That's a big step for us, bigger tha marriage! To know that Jordan trusts me enough to have full access to his money and is sure that I won't go all crazy and spend a lot of it, means so much to me. Hahaha

Also, I got pulled over for speeding last night. I didn't get a ticket, thank God but I did get a written warning. If I did, it would have been my third speeding ticket and I probably would have gotten a suspended license. What can I say? I'm like Ricky Bobby, I wanna go fast! Hahaha.

Not having a driveable car is killing me! I can take the chance and go driving but there's the what if of my tire blowing out and me definitely not knowing what to do and freaking out. So yeah, I hope it gets fixed soon too.

Also, Jordan got promoted (well picked back up) at the first of the month and since he's working with a bunch of civilians, they can't do anything until they get the warrant and an officer has to be there to promote him. And all the higer Marines he works with are like Gunnys so they can't. But we're getting the pay and all that, even though he's still wearing pfc chevrons. lol.

I was planning on getting a tattoo this week, sometime after tomorrow and after my car was fixed but Jordan wants me to wait. :( I just wanted the yoda quote on my foot. But hopefully we'll be able to go to Somerset when we're home for Easter and get it done then. I'm jonesin'!!!

In Rosslyn news, we're trying to teach her no and when to stop things but she doesn't listen. We'll even smack her hands (not hard) but she'll just look at us with a grin or shake her head and she does it again. Mainly it's to keep her from jerking things off the entertainment center but she keeps on doing it. And, I seriously need to baby proof this place!

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Anonymous said...

Awww it's hard to be firm with little ones. I have a hard time still and mine are 4 and 2. Sometimes they give you this unbelievably adorable look you know. Ha.