Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where'd they go?

So I'm shopping at wal-mart today, I'm going down the frozen desserts aisle and I was wanting to pick up one of my favorite things, Minute Made frozen limeade and it wasn't there! I was so disappointed. It hasn't been there in a while and I love it so much. There's cherry limeade and limeade flavors in the box and it's sort of slushy and very very tart and I love it!!! But I haven't seen it in a while, I hope they didn't discontinue it.

Pretty sad that I'm blogging about frozen limeade right?

Moving on, wen Jordan gets home from work today, he's going to watch Rosslyn and I get to go tanning!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! You don't understand how excited I am! But he needs some one on one time with her. He's gone at work all day and even when he's home, she still hangs all over me. And it's is high time I get some me time.

And, it's 3 weeks till I get my iPhone!! I'm so excited for that too! I don't know what I'm going to do about the musi on it though. Because our computer's messed up, I won't be able to put any music on it. And I think the iPod software for iPhones and iPod touches has updated and it will need that. So I guess I'll have to wait until our comuter is fixed before I can put music on the iPhone. So I'll have my iPhone and iPod touch lol.

Oh, Rosslyn's top two teeth are through!!! You can't see them or anything though but you can definitely feel them. The first one poked through on tuesday and the other one yesterday. She's getting so big now! I even posted a picture of her sleeping on my twitter if you wanna check it out. Well, I gotta go. Rosslyn's needing a bottle.
Have a great night everyone!!

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AlanaMarie said...

i think were getting iphones too! they have them out here and we can hack them so we can use them when we go back to the states! i'm so excited