Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May!

I know lots of my blogging friends were looking forward to May, so here it is!! Do a little dance! Hahahaha.

May does bring lots of good things in the Posey world too, I guess. I finally will be able to get my iPhone on the 13th. Also I will get to celebrate my first Mother's day as a mother so I'm excited about that. Jordan may be taking leave so we can go home for a week. But that'll be towards the end of the month. Also, Rosslyn will be 10 months old! I can't believe it. She's quickly approaching one year old already.

Today we got Marley & Me on on demand and it was really good. It made me cry a few times because I know what it's like having a pet you grow up with die. And it made me want a dog that much more! But probably not something as big and rambunctious as a labrador. Been there done that....not that fun lol. It kind of makes me want to get the book and read it now to. But I have to finish New Moon, at least before it comes out to theatres lol.

Nothing else really happened today. I went to Target to get out of the house and o get Rosslyn some more water for her bottles and I got this too:

I think I'm going to ang it above my little picture fram collage over our couch. Speaking of pictures, I need. to have more printed to put in some of my other frames.

While I was there, I was debating on getting this:

But it seemed a little pricey. I've used the serum that's in the middle before and it made my hair pretty soft. But the trial size of the serum was $14 and the kit was only $27 so it's a better value.

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Anonymous said...

YAY for the new phone!!! And Marley & Me was so good...tearjerker for sure :)