Monday, May 4, 2009

Post weekend update

This past weekend was pretty good. We're finally banking with USAA. Jordn went to get his hair cut last night and he tried to pull out money from Navy Fed and it said he didn't have enough money in there so he checked his usaa card and there was money on it. However, it wouldn't let him pull any out. So I had to call usaa and figure out what was wrong and after about 5 minutes on hold, everything was sorted out. So we're now officially with usaa!! And they've been good so far. I especially like that we both can look at the online banking instead of having to write everything down and keep a running total.

Anyways, Jordan cooked supper last night! It was good too but he totally ruined my pan. So I have to get a new one soon. We had steak tips and broccoli and cheese. Not anythign too fancy but it was good. And I know this sounds gross but I mixed lemon pepper marinade with heinz 57 sauce and it was pretty good! lol. I don't like 57 sauce, I like A1 and it was all we had.

Also, saturday Rosslyn and I went to the beach. We had fun. I stuck her feet in the water and I think it was too cold for her. We didn't stay long because the sky was getting really dark and it was pretty windy and Rosslyn didn't like the sand hitting her. Hopefully we can go back one day ths week when it's nicer. Well, that's about all that happened this weekend, I'm off to change a dirty diaper and get ready and go grocery shopping!!

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