Monday, May 18, 2009

Rosslyn's check up

Wow!!! It's been forever since I've blogged. I am truly sorry readers, if there are any of you lol.

This past weekend was good. I'm still getting over my cold. My ears still seem clogged and I can hardly breathe but other than that, I'm ok.

Today Rosslyn had her 9 month check up (although she's 10 months) and the doctor said everything was good. She's actually tall for her age. She's 20lbs and 29 1/4 inches long. She's gonna be a tall one!!! I also had to get her another set of shots today and that wasn't fun. She had three shots and just let out the most horrible, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching cry I've ever heard. She was just snubbing so bad that she wasn't even able to catch her breath long enough to make a cry. But she calmed down on the way home and fell asleep and slept for a long time. I'm glad I gave her some tylenol right before we got there. It went a lot quicker this time around. We were in the waiting room for like 5 minutes and were called back and she was weighed and measured. Then when the doctor got in the room, she checked her and everything. And of course, commented on Rosslyn's gorgeous blue eyes (sorry, I normally don't brag). Then we went back to the shot area and I could tell she was already getting nervous. But after she got her shots and calmed down, we left. She's back to her happy talkative self now. Though she did cry when I took the band-aids off her legs.

Also, we're going home for the weekend!! Jordan's already been approved for it. I guess we'll be leaving friday after he gets off work and coming back on monday maybe tuesday. I am beyond ready to go home!!!! I just hope it works out this time around lol. I'm ready to see my little sister Talia's pregnant belly and hang out with her. Maybe go to a bar to blow off some steam, because Jordan and I had one hellacious fight this weekend. He says we just need to go out and let loose a little and hopefully we'll be better and there won't be all this tension between us. Also while we're home, I want to watch the new Night at the Museum. And Jordan's mom and step-dad and little sister are coming in and they said they'd watch Rosslyn for us. But I'm sure anyone in my or Jordan's family wouldn't care to watch her for us. That's one thing I'm looking forward to once we move back home. Only 5 more months!!!

Well, that's about all that's happened over here. I hope everyone has an awesome week!

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Anonymous said...

Blow off some steam lady, you deserve too. When you get back let me know...We should have lunch or something. Be safe and have a great time!!!