Friday, May 22, 2009

McCreary county, here we come!!

We're going home this weekend! I'm so excited!

I keep saying to myself, I should post a new blog today but nothing ever really goes on, especially this week. So I kind of put it off.

We'll be leaving after Jordan gets off work today, which will be at noon. And I have yet to start packing. But it won't take me long. We're only going for the weekend. Hopefully when we get there, it won't be super late, but it probably will be. Then saturday, we're hoping to see a movie. I want to see Angel & Demons or Night at the Museum and Jordan said he wanted to see the new Terminator, and I do too, yummy Christian Bale-ness but it's not playing back home. And hopefully tomorrow night, we'll get to go out and hit up the Showboat! I've never been but my sister goes all the time and she loves it. She says it's just like a big high school reunion lol. Then Sunday we're going to church. I can't wait to go back to Whitley City Church of God. And once we finally move home, I can't wait to start going every Sunday.

Hopefully when we head home, everything will work out and it won't be too hot and my air will work and Rosslyn won't pitch a fit.

Also, I have a new obsession as of late: S'mores!!! Here's one that I made last night:

I toasted it on the stove by sticking the marshmallow on a fork and letting the burner get red hot and toasting it that way. It melts most of the chocolate so that's good. I used to use the microwave but ours wasn't making the marshmallow puff up. Plus this gives it the authentic campfire taste!

Yesterday I had lunch with some amazing girls too. Aubree and Tammy. We went to Tammy's house and ordered pizza. Then after we ate, we took the kiddos outside to play.

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Erin said...

omg that smore looks amazing

Lori said...

Adorable pics! Hope you guys have a wonderful time! Safe travels. =)

Britt Watros said...