Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day weekend at home

This weekend we went home to Kentucky. The drive down was hard because Rosslyn got sick and Jordan wanted to stop and sleep. So we left at like 4pm on friday and didn't get to Jordan's dad's until like 10am saturday. We were all thrown off schedule.

But after like a 2 hour nap, we went up to Jordan's mammaw's to visit them. And let me tell you, Rosslyn wasn't having any part in it!! She was just crying non-stop. She was almost making herself sick she was crying so hard. She wouldn't let anyone besides me or Jordan hold her. She did like playing outside with Jaden once she was calmed down. But everytime Billy tried to hold her, she would start crying again. It was like that all day. But we went home to Jordan's dad and she calmed down and we tried it again later that night and she was a little better. Still wouldn't let Billy hold her but she was being more sociable.

Sunday, we got up and went to church. It was pretty good. But after church was over, we wanted to go eat with Donovan and Chelsie but they had a cook out at Chelsie's family to go to. So we just went back down to Jordan's mammaw's to see his mom again before they left. Rosslyn did a lot better that day. She played on Jaden's trampoline and had lots of fun with that. I had lots of fun jumping on the trampoline too. After that, I went to my mom's and had a nice home cooked meal that I hadn't had in forever, my mom's porkchops! They were delicious!!! Both of my sisters were there and so was Kira, my neice. Kira's already walking but she's nowhere near as talkative as Rosslyn. After that, I went over to Chris's to pick up Jordan but we stayed there a while cause they were playing Magic. They were expecting Donovan to come but he never did. So it was about 11 at night so we just went on home.

The next day, we went up to Jordan's mammaw's again and visited with them and went up to see my mom again too. We were getting all our final visiting in because we were leaving at like 2am that night. We went home to Jordan's dad's and ordered pizza and watched a bootleg version of X-men Origins: Wolverine. And you could tell it was bootlegged because it didn't have some of the finalized CGI in it and there was a part where it showed a plane plying and it was like a cartoon. It was pretty funny. But Rosslyn and I fell asleep so I didn't finish it.

While we were home, Jordan kept saying it wasn't like it used to be. He's on the fence about moving back there once he gets out. I know we're going to move back to Kentucky but the county's just not like it used to be. It's like when we got married and moved away, everybody was still getting together and stuff but now that we're close to coming back, everyone's too busy to hang out like old times. Jordan said he thinks that chapter in his life is closed. So I don't know what we're going to do when he gets out. I know we still have a few months to hash things out so it's no big rush. We've been looking at houses to buy in the county and houses to buy in Glasgow and Horse Cave/Cave City too. Whatever happens, I'm just ready to move home!!

Oh, and here are some pictures!!

Chris and Rosslyn

Talia, Rosslyn and Kira

Talia's pregnant belly!

Me, Jessca and Rosslyn
Jordan, me and Rosslyn right before we started our trip

Rosslyn asleep on the way home

Are we there yet?

Jordan's mammaw and Rosslyn

My two babies sleeping

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The Mrs. and Mama said...

Ok you have such an adorable little girl there!!! She's too precious.

I'm glad you all had a good trip home. It's always hard to go with a baby on such a short trip though...we gave up doing it with Cole at this age because he just doesn't understand why he has to be in the car so much. Thank goodness we only have one LONG car ride from NC to KY left!!

I know what you mean about things not being the same when you move home though, we kinda feel the same way but I guess it's different since we are moving back to a different area. You all move in October right??

Kendra said...

Sounds like y'all had fun! I know what you mean about it being different back home, its the same for us.

Just to let you know its not safe to have Rosslyns top carseat clip ( I forget what it's called) that low, it needs to be at her armpits. Just trying to keep her safe :)