Friday, June 26, 2009

Starting school soon!!

So I had planned on starting an online university/college soon. I just couldn't find one that I liked and one that had what I wanted to study. I was doing some research today and stumbled over Ashford University. I filled out a little thing that said I wanted more information. I figured I'd just get a packet in the mail with like a course catalog and all that. But not an hour later, an advisor called me up and talked with me about getting in, what I wanted to study, how I would pay for it, allt he basics. And he told me that since I'm a spouse of an active duty military, that there was a special DoD grant I could get as well as another one that will cover my books, application fee and all that. But one of them might not go through, he's going to be working on it. But if it doesn't I'll have financial aid to fall back on. And with either of those, whatever is not used for tuition, they'll send back to me. So that's exciting.

He said the next round of classes starts July 14 and hopes to have everything ready before then. There are 2 other classes that I'll have to take before I start taking my core classes but that's no big deal. All the classes are 5 weeks at a time and I can only take one at a time. I'm going for my Bachelor's in History. And maybe after that I can take education courses and become a teacher. This is so exciting! I am so ready to take the next step in my life.

Also today we went on base to look at getting tickets to go to Disney world. Active Duty members get a free 5 day park hopper and I think that there is a 40% discount for companions. So if we did that, it would be $150 for me plus hotels an food. But I think we're just going to do three days at Disney an three days doing other things like going to Universal studios, Medieval times, things like that. We'll be going when Jordan gets on terminal so it ill be the off season and everything will be a lot cheaper.

All in all, it's been a very good day. I can't wait to start school again!!

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