Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day wrap-up

This past Friday me, Jordan, Rosslyn, Chaucey and Justin all went to Emerald Isle. It was a drive let me tell you. The traffic was so bad. But once we got there, it kind of filtered off. We were a-t the beach for a while. The guys buried Chauncey in the sand and there were some drunk Marines doing the same thing right next to us. I love how people are so original. Rosslyn loved it. We stayed for a pretty good while and then about 7 or so we came home.

Saturday, Jordan went out to get the stuff to grill out. He got a tiny grill and it was so cute! lol. Two big things of hamburgers and all the fixings. But it was justin who made the burgers. He used his family's recipe which was really good, but messy. After they were done grilling, Me and Rosslyn came in to go to sleep. They grilled out twice. And after we went to bed, the guys started drinking. I was woken up by the sound of coins bouncing in glasses. They were playing quarters. It was like the sound was echoing lol. So we went to bed and at about 4am I woke up to the sound of Justin wrestling Chauncey. I looked all over to see if I could find Jordan and I couldn't. He was in the bathroom hugging the toilet. Poor guy. The guys tried to sober him up so he could come to bed with me. But that lasted about five minutes and he was back in the bathroom. So I just let him stay in there. I didn't want puke all over my bedroom floor. At about 10am he came back into the bedroom but said he still felt like crap. I got up and showered and then me and Rosslyn went back to bed and slept until 3pm. I know that's super late. Then Jordan woke up and so did we. It was so disgusting in the apartment. The kitchen floor was almost black from where dirt had been tracked in, it smelled horrible and theree wasn't a single clean dish in the house.

I'm still trying to clean everything. Which is really hard because I'm about out of cleaning supplies.

But all in all, I had fun. Even hough we didn't get to go see the fireworks. Maybe next year. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I didn't get any pictures because my batteries were dead. but I did get a few on my phone so I'll upload them to facebook sooner or later.

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