Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Simple Things ♥

I love waking up to a smiling baby every morning.

I love opening up a fresh bag of cookies and inhaling the intoxicating aroma of chocolate.

I love the way my hair feels just as I've finished straightening it, putting on one of my hubby's t-shirts and hot showers.

I love opening a brand new tub of butter, hearing her laugh uncontrollably while being tickled, seeing my husband get overly enthusiastic about a video game.

I love wearing m bathing suit under my clothes, the smell of suncreen and the taste of peppermints.

I love waking up and hearing the sound of rain and the house being dark, hearing my daughter jibber jabber to me like it's the most important thing she's ever said.

I love cuddling in the covers with my hubby watching The Office marathon, getting splashed on by Rosslyn while she's in the bath, and her falling asleep in my arms.

I love a good love song, hearing him read from The Bible and just seeing him with her.

You know, the simple things. ♥

2 love notes:

YOM said...

Cute post!

Kendra said...

The simple things are wonderful :)
I liked this post alot