Thursday, July 16, 2009

The story of Rosslyn's birth

I know I'm super late with posting this since her birthday was on Monday. I have another blog about her party coming up soon. Filled with pictures!

Most of you know the story of how Rosslyn was born. But not to sound boastful, I know she is destined to do something so special and to change this world.

My due date was July 10th, a thursday. It came and went. My doctor had scheduled me to see her again monday if I didn't have Rosslyn by then. So I went about everything as usual. Still nothing. Then at about 10pm friday night, I started having contractions about every 5 minutes. I was living with Jordan's mom and she said to keep an eye on them and if they're 5 minutes apart for about 2 hours, then we'll go to the hospital. Keep in mind I'm dilated to about 1cm but have been that way for several weeks. Well, sure enough as we were getting ready to get everything, the contractions stopped and I went to bed.

Saturday the 12th rolled around and I was doing everything normal too. I made laps around our yard and the cemetary across from the house, still nothing. I don't really remember much else what happened saturday but at around midnight on saturday, the contractions were back again. This time they weren't getting easier and it looked like they were here to stay. So we packed everything up and headed to the hosptal. It was about 1am or so when I got sent back to the OB triage. I was given a gown and was hooked up to the monitors. Which was the most uncomfortable thing. The only way I was comfortable was to bend over the bed and stand on my tiptoes. The nurses said I should walk around to ease the pain. Well, I was up out of my bed and the first thing I did was throw up. Then I had to use the bathroom. So we walked around for a little while but then I puked again. I was in so much pain and onve I got back to the little triage place, I was hooked back up to the monitors and it said my contractions weren't that bad. But believe me they were! The nurses called my doctor and she said to give me a pain shot and something for my puking and if I wanted, I could stay or could go home and get rest for when Rosslyn actually decided to come.
I decided to go home

But what I didn't know was when Jordan's mom was talking to the nurse, the nurse told her that I was putting on and that the pain wasn't actually that bad and it would be a while before I had her, maybe even a week.

We went home and I was still in a lot of pain. I wiggled in the back seat all the way home. I went straight to bed. It was about 4am. I just tossed and turned all night long. I was fighting back screams the pain was so bad. I think I may have gotten to sleep for about 30 minutes. I was up and down all night. And then I felt the urge to push. So I did what my body said, and pushed. But then I got up and waddled to the bathroom and I checked down there with a mirror and saw something that didn't look normal. So I went to wake Jordan's mom up and tell her. I showed her with the mirror and all she could say was that she was sorry for not listening to me. We then got Jordan's stepdad and told him to call 911. We were standing next to my bedroom and the bathroom.Rosslyn couldn't wait for the ambulance to come. After about two final pushes, she was out.

I had her at home

After she was born, none of us knew what to do. Billy called his niece Carla who lived next door to tell her I had the baby. She didn't believe us at first because we had called a couple days before and told her I was going into labor. But she said she heard the sirens from the ambulance in the distance so she and her two daughters, Tabby and Storii ran up to the house. Yvonne (Jordan's mom) hand managed to walk me and Rosslyn backwards into my bedroom to wait until the paramedics got there. Mind you, Rosslyn was still attached to the umbilical cord. Carla got there and she was a bit more level headed than we were at the time. Sh grabbed towels and wrapped Rosslyn up in them. I was laying down on my bed holding Rosslyn and all I remember is looking up and seeing my cat Stelios next to my head. I guess he knew something was up too. Finally the paramedics got there and cut the cord and got me and Rosslyn on to the stretcher and into the ambulance. I wanted Yvonne or Billy to ride with me in the ambulance but they were covered in blood and one of the paramedics suggested that maybe they should clean up before coming to the hospital. So Carla rode with me. The first thing Yvonne did after I had Rosslyn was call my mom and tell her. She was just shouting praise throughout the house. She called her mom and they were at a place that had preaching and singing (it wasn't really a church, it was a cafe that had church in it) and they told everyone there how Rosslyn had been born and someone came up to Jordan's mammaw and told her that Rosslyn was going to change this world.

Back to the ambulance ride, I was calling everyone I could and telling them. I called my best friend Sybil and she was like "you already had her?!" so she and my other best friend Jamie were on their way after I got off the phone with her. And then, Jordan called me from Iraq. I think he was on a satellite phone so it kept getting disconnected. I tried so hard to tell him that I had the baby at home but I think at first he was misunderstanding but then he finally got it. Carla told me that everyone in the ambulance was crying. Once we made it to the hospital, they took Rosslyn to get her cleaned up and shots and weighed and all that. And I was taken to get stitched up and things like that. I was still on the phone with Jordan and a nurse came in and gave me a shot of Vitamin K in my leg and I let out so many obscenities and Jordan got so mad, he was like "let me talk to them" But I didn't because I knew they were doing their Job. My mom and my sisters were on their way and I was on the phone with my little sister Talia and she was just bawling. She was so worried about me. After I was stitched up and given a gigantic pad and mesh panties lol. They wanted to take me to our room. I thought I was stable enough to walk but then everything started getting blurry so I rode in a wheelchair to the room. Then they made me try to pee to make sure all my plumbing down there worked or whatever and I almost passed out. Everything was blurry and it started sounding like I was in a hole. So one nurse used smelling salts. And I again let out some major obscenities but then promptly apologized because I normally didn't act that way. After I had finally peed, I made my way to the bed and they brought Rosslyn in. My mom and sisters finally made it and I just gave Talia a big hug.

Everything went ok at the hospital. Sybil tayed the first night with me. They set us up in a nice room that had a little seperate room for whoever wanted to stay. We had to stay an extra day because Rosslyn had jaundice but after that we went home.

So that's her story. It was covered by the local newspaper and a tv station in Lexington. I really don't mean to sound boastful but her birth story was absolutely amazing and I just love telling it to people. I know having a child is a miracle in and of itself but I think God made Rosslyn be born at home for a reason and I wouldn't change it for a thing.

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