Friday, July 17, 2009

The Birthday Princess

Finally!! A post about Rosslyn's Birthday party!

Well, it was last sunday, the 12th at the park in Oneida TN. First thing in the morning, me, Jordan, Jessca and Rosslyn all made our way up to Whitley City to go to church. It was a very good service. We saw one of Jordan's old teachers/mentor Bryson and his wife Angela and their gaggle of children. They didn't even know I got pregnant and had Rosslyn. It was awesome to see them. And of course we sat with Donovan and Chelsie. She's so cute pregnant. They found out wednesday they're having a little boy and they couldn't be happier.

So after church was over, we made our way back to Tennessee for Rosslyn's party. We were teh first to arrive. No one was there. The park was almost abandoned save for a few families down by the pond. So we found a place and waitd on Jordan's mom to get there with the cake and ice cream. They finally came and Jessca, Jordan's sister began to draw Rosslyn's cake. They had left it blank so e could put Chica from the Sunny Side Up Show on PBS Sprout on it. Jessca did an amazing job at drawing her. She has a real gift.

Next to show up was my little sister Talia and her husband Tony. She is pregnant with a little boy and is absolutely glowing!!! It took all I could to not touch her belly every five minutes. I really hated that when people did that to me when I was pregnant so I restrained myself. But I guess it's like that song, "Don't know what you got till it's gone" lol.

After everyone arrived, we sange the birthday song to her and gave her the smash cake. It was the first time we've let her have sweets so she was a little apprehensive about it. She would stick her fingers in the icing and give it to me. I had to smash her hand down to show her that it was ok that she did it and after that, boy sh went to town!!! Tearing into every bit of it, checking every part to see if it was edible, lol. Even th plastic bottom and the cardboard round underneath it. She thouroughly enjoyed it though.

Then came time for the presents. She was still occupied with the cake so she never really noticed anything when I was opening all of he presents. She got a lot of goodies. My mom got her a play vacuum and a see n' say. Jordan's mom got her a baby laptop and some clothes, she got a baby doll. Jordan's dad is getting her a miniature 4 wheeler and she got tons and tons of clothes.

All in all it was a good day. She didn't really fuss much until towards the end because it was getting pretty hot and she needed another nap. I can't believe my baby girl is a year old!! Time did fly by so fast. I can remember when she was only three months home and we made our way down to North Carolina to see Jordan come home. But here she is, walking, jibber jabbering, singing and being a big girl. I can't believe it!

Happy birthday sweet baby Rosslyn!!!

Oh, and here's a link to look at the pictures from facebook because I'm too lazy to upload them. There I said it.

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