Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend update

Good Sunday morning friends!!!

This weekend has been pretty good so far. And, Jordan doesn't have to work on monday so it's an extended weekend! Yay!!

Since I last blogged, I finall loaded the film into my camera and have taken a few snapshots. However when I was winding it, I wound it past the first exposure so I'll have one less picture than I dhould. I love that it has different color gels in front of the flash so I can mess around with that. The only bad thing is I have to buy film from online. But I'm hoping I can have it developed at wal-mart. We'll see....

Friday was a good day. Minus the rain. We had a really good supper of crunchy onion chicken made with French's French Fried Onions. It was the first time I ever really "cooked" in a while.

I know this doesn't have to do with the weekend but I was looking around on youtube and found this amazing makeup artist named Kandee. I follow her blog too at And not only does she show you how to look good and do your makeup and hair like celebrities, how to make cool clothes out of old ones, she shows you that it's ok to be yourself and that if you think a sparkly bag or geometric print leggings look good, then they do. I know it sounds dumb but she is ust so uplifting and believes that everyone out there is beautiful in their own way. It makes me feel good because even though I get it from my husband all the time, it's good to have an outsider say it's ok to be you.

Anyways, Yesterday we got Watchmen on demand. And TWC customers can get in in HD for 2 days. It was such an excellent movie and was fille with so much badass-ness. lol. I haven't read the graphic novel of it but I'd like to.

Also last night for supper we made our own concotion of chicken and pasta. It was really good. Chicken breast strips with lemon pepper and Italian dressing...very good! I think tonightJordan's gonna try to make some fish. So hopefully that'll taste good.

That's about it from over here, sunday has just began and Rosslyn and I are just sitting here watching the Travel Channel...bliss. So I hope everyone has a wonderful day and it's filled with smiles, love and laughter!

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Sparrow Blog said...

Hey Shea! It's Jaimie from Facebook, lol. Just stopping by to say HI :D

Skipping Through Daisies said...

I'm gonna check out that Youtube stuff right now!